Main Inn
Bed & Breakfast
208 Main Street
Palacios, Texas  77465

About the breakfasts...

Listen to your mother..."Eat a good breakfast - it's the most important meal of the day!"   


At the Main Inn, the coffee pot is on by 7:00, brewing strong, "CPO" coffee.  Conversation with the cook, or quiet time with the Houston Chronicle or Palacios Beacon, we're flexible.

Breakfast is usually served at 8:30, but that's flexible too, if you have an early morning meeting,
OR, a date with a red snapper.

Main Inn Bistro and sunporch is where we gather for:  

Fresh Fruit with sweetened yogurt

Green Apple Omelet

Herbed Potatoes

Whole grain Toast

Coffee -Tea - Juice  


Pumpkin Waffles &

Breakfast Patties  


Green Chile Egg Souffle

Fried Grits


These are just a few of our favorite breakfast menus.  Have special dietary needs? 
We're flexible...just ask!  Need a special time to dine???...just ask!
We use fresh yard eggs, delivered by local chickens of all denominatons,
veggie patties from happy soy beans, and coffee from Mexico.
  Now offering fresh oranges from our back-yard tree!

The garden is flourishing, providing fresh herbs and veggies for everything eggy! 


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